Hand made doll's house, wood Selection of organic pure wool and pure silk cloth in winter colours Ostheimer wooden figure, Blackbird Grimms 7 Rainbow Friends In Seven Bowls
A fairy mobile made out of different coloured silk, hanging from a wooden ring ostheimer sparrow Organic soft toy rattle in the shape of a Banana, Carrot and Pea Pod Hand painted mobile, Startaler 2
grimms building set weather Hand Made Ostheimer wooden figure of a snail Ostheimer Mo Ostheimer Frog Prince
grimms wooden coins pastel Grimms 6 Rainbow Wooden Balls Ostheimer Panther Ostheimer Little Angel, Purple
Angel with Star Ostheimer Grimms Casa Coral Grimm's Rattle Pyramid Ostheimer Tiger
Ostheimer Natural Wood Dolphin Ostheimer Little Angel, Turquoise Ostheimer wooden figure, Chaffinch Ceramic fire proof bowl used for cooking
Fire Bowl
Ostheimer wooden figure, Hedgehog Small Ostheimer Unicorn Ostheimer wooden figure, Pheasant Ostheimer Manger With Roof
Ostheimer Ship with Cabin House Ostheimer Wolf Howling Hand Made Ostheimer wooden figure of a small fox sitting Ostheimer Giraffe Small Head low