Ostheimer Beggar ostheimer tiger sitting Ostheimer Dwarf Bodo Ostheimer wooden figure, Chaffinch
Grimm's Rattle Pyramid Ostheimer Frog Prince Ostheimer Mo Ostheimer Little Angel, Purple
Ostheimer wooden figure, Rabbit Ears Low Mary on Donkey, Ostheimer grimms's sorting board, pastel Grimms hand made pocket gnome
Grimms Stacking House, Monochrome Selection of organic pure wool and pure silk cloth in winter colours three baltic amber necklaces Ostheimer wooden figure, Hedgehog
Grimms Set of 12 Rainbow Friends Dolls Ostheimer wooden figure, Badger Head Low Rainbow Rolling Wheel Tattle Grimms Dream Moss Pebbles
Ostheimer wooden figure, Wagtail Ostheimer wooden figure, Hedgehog Small Ostheimer Snow White Soft organic pumpkin shaped rattle for babies
Ceramic fire proof bowl used for cooking Grimms 10 Piece Sunset Rainbow Organic soft toy rattle in the shape of a Banana, Carrot and Pea Pod Ammonite Puzzle
Fire Bowl
Ostheimer Giraffe Small Head low Hand made doll's house, alder wood Hand made doll's house, wood Bus With Passengers